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The Good Dinosaur (2014) - Dinosaurs Never Went Extinct, by Disney/Pixar

The Good Dinosaur (2014) - Coming Soon from Disney/Pixar

The Good Dinosaur 2014

"The Good Dinosaur" (2014), directed by Bob Peterson and Peter Sohn for Pixar, is an animated feature film scheduled for release on May 30, 2014 (18 July 2014 in the UK). Enrico Casarosa is working up the story and John Walker is producing.

John Lasseter gave details about the film's plot:
"They are kind of cartoony but they are dinosaurs; they are not walking around with clothes on or anything like that, they still are kind of dinosaurs. We focused on mostly the plant-eaters, not the carnivores… Their society becomes more of an agrarian society, meaning farmers. They become farmers. It’s a very funny story about a certain way of life that a young dinosaur has trouble fitting into and he ends up going on this quest. He kind of messes up and he has to put everything right by going on this quest and on that quest he meets this our character that is an outcast from his society too and so the two of them form this bond and it becomes this unique kind of story…"
Concept art "The Good Dinosaur" 2014
Concept art for "The Good Dinosaur"

Meanwhile, Director Bob Peterson said:

"It's time to do a movie where you get to know the dinosaur, what it's really like to be a dinosaur and to be with a dinosaur".

Peter Sohn said:

"The title is deceptively simple. It has more meaning than it seems."

The Good DInosaur May 30 2014
The Good Dinosaur
Nothing is know about "The Good Dinosaur" aside from those comments. Apparently, the premise of "The Good Dinosaur" is what would the world be like if the asteroid that may have destroyed life for the dinosaurs missed the earth completely? There no doubt is some additional plot, perhaps something about one dinosaur standing up for humans or something like that, which would make it like "Planet of the Apes." As it is, some of the artwork makes it look like "Jurassic Park."

"Jurassic Park 4" now is scheduled for release two weeks after "The Good Dinosaur," on June 20, 2013, so it should be a great summer for dinosaur lovers!



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